Atari 2600 (Parker Bros) Mini Boxes **PREMIUM PAPER**



Almost all Parker Brothers cartridges fall into this category. They have an unusual angular casing with horizontal grooves and a trapezoidal gray label. There is a color picture of game artwork in the middle of the label, and the title and copyright information appears on the end label.


About Mini Boxes
Mini Boxes are small versions of standard game boxes and are an excellent way to store your cartridge game collections. Mini Boxes are printed on high quality paper and made to fit into a plastic protective case. Mini Box’s appearance is identical to a standard sized game box, but the Mini Boxes are small and sturdy—protecting your cartridge games while displaying them with style and efficiency. We have refined these boxes to ensure perfect fit and presentation of your cartridge game collections.

Collecting retro game cartridges with the original game boxes can multiply your expenses to high end values– plus it can be time consuming to find the original boxes for rare or classic games. Mini Boxes are the best option to display your cartridge games in the same aesthetic manner as the original box. You can enjoy the identical covers and images in high resolution; no reduction in readability or quality with the smaller, space efficient Mini Boxes.

In addition to being costly, standard-sized game boxes (or clam-shell replicas) can also take up precious space in your game collection displays. The Mini Boxes measure at a size that fits most game cartridges snugly into the box. There are only a few styles of game cartridges that give collectors an option to stack their games in a way that also allows them to identify the game itself. Mini Boxes can stack neatly, easily, and securely. The hard plastic casing keeps the display crisp and they will not sag or collapse, as can happen with cardboard-style box stacks. The Mini Boxes also help you preserve the integrity of your cartridge games—keeping them dust-free, protected from sun damage, and spared from the adhesive damage of additional sticker labels. With extra money and space saved, Mini Boxes might give your more opportunities to expand your game collections, worry-free.


When you purchase Mini Boxes you can be assured by our 100% 1-Year Guarantee. We will replace any Mini Box for any reason, up to 1-Year. We are so confident in our product quality that even if you have issues beyond the 1-Year grace period, we want you to reach out to us and let us know if you are having any issues. We will work with you to ensure that our Mini Boxes meet your expectations.


Purchase Mini Boxes for any system with cartridge games.  Take the time to look through all your games because we offer bulk pricing options that will save you money… the more Mini Boxes you purchase, the more you save!

Processing Time

As waves of orders come in from different word of mouth (youtube videos, social media) the orders will be fulfilled at various rates.   MiniBoxGaming is primarily a 1man company that some times is able to find help part-time to get orders done faster.  The cost of more employees would result in the prices of more expensive boxes.  The goal is to keep prices of the boxes low, while keeping the product quality high.   The discounted rate for larger orders is also a reward for the patience while working on the larger orders.    On average, the estimated processing time is about 1 business day for every box.   If you ever have any questions or concerns about your order PLEASE CONTACT AT MINIBOXGAMING@PROTONMAIL.COM or on Twitter @MiniBoxGaming64 I do my best to get back to all emails as fast as possible, during busier periods I receive several hours worth of emails a day, meaning that it may take a few days or even a week to respond.  I apologize for any communication delays and hope to respond as fast as possible.


1 Boxes:  1 – 2 Business Days

10 Boxes:  10 Business Days

20 Boxes: 20 Business Days

40 Boxes: 40 Business Days

60 Boxes: 60 Business Days

I will always try to complete orders faster than the expected processing time, especially for larger orders.   Since the start of this business my speed of processing orders has greatly improved due to more equipment purchases, better organization for larger orders and further general skills/knowledge experience.    I also bring in part-time help with larger orders and use that to process them faster.  All orders will be completed

Custom Request, Imports, Romhacks

If you have any requests for import titles, rom hacks, or any other custom projects, please contact MINIBOXGAMING@PROTONMAIL.COM or on Twitter@MiniBoxGaming64    Depending on the difficulty of the request or the amount of orders currently being worked on, these requests will often take longer.   An estimated finish time will be given to you before purchase.   In the meantime, completed imports and romhacks will be added to the bottom of the pull-down menu, what you’re looking for may already be there.

International Shipping

We plan to offer international shipping on a large scale in 2023, hopefully in Q1.  Currently, to do international shipping, you must contact and we can figure out the best pricing to get the item shipped to you.  If you’re ordering North American box art, this should be very easy to accommodate, but currently the PAL/JP database for box art database is still in early stages, we do take custom requests though.

Additional information

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